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SpaceX CRS-29 Rocket Launches with Liquid Fungi Culture Aboard!

We are excited to announce that our mushroom culture was launched into space on 11/9/2023 at 8:28pm EST via the SpaceX CRS-29 rocket! It is currently being tested by astronauts on the International Space Station!





Watch the launch of CRS-29 @SpaceX #rocket carrying several samples of our blue oyster mushroom culture to the #iss (International Space Station) for zero gravity growth testing. It will then be brought back to be compared to cloned sister cultures that were raised on Earth.

spacex launch pass visitor

Everyone is so impressed with the whole team's creativity, tireless diligence, and consistent energy, all the way up to and including the planning of a virtually viewing opportunity, which we pulled together literally in one day! Wednesday (as in two days ago - one day before launch) 

The Dragon spacecraft is scheduled to dock Saturday, Nov. 11, around 5am. Once the items are unloaded, the students will receive directions as to when to conduct their experiment here on earth; they will follow the same timeline and procedure as the astronauts in space, providing a comparison between earth's gravity and microgravity on the process of mushroom growth.

NASA website with an article about the launch.

Watch The Official SpaceX Launch Replay
(tune in at minute 28 for liftoff)



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