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Mycology Laboratory Management Software

microbiology fungi mycology bacteria laboratory management software

Making Great Possible

MycoManager is a mycology laboratory management system for tracking genetics, samples, sources, and the geneology of our cultures. You can read about the many features below.

If you are interested in using MycoManager, contact us. Please include your company and contact information, and let us know why you are interested. We look forward to hearing from you.

Current Feature List

  • Allows multiple users and tracks all user actions.
  • Maintains a viewable history of laboratory actions by day
  • Supports multiple culture types (petri, liquid, grain)
  • Manage species for each culture type
  • Manage the location and status of each culture
  • promote and demote cultures to different levels
  • Maintains a production, active, and inactive culture for each type
  • plans the replacement and discard of expired samples
  • tracks parent and child relationships between cultures
  • Tracks the source of each culture
  • prints labels for each culture that includes the id, classification, date, parent, and lab tech who created it
  • And so much more...

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