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Supporting Education and Research

Here at Liquid Fungi upon entering our company we set the expectation that being here you will not be limited by technological advances or information availability. 

We stand strongly behind this statement by supporting out staff with state of the art equipment, creating industry revolutionizing inventions like the (1) atmospheric steam sterilizer at LiquidFungi.com - Matt gives more details - YouTube 

It doesn't stop there though. Given any opportunity we sit on advisory committees, host summer high school interns, donate experimental supplies, and are excited to say we have had our products sent across the us with to a handful of educational institutions; University Laboratories to farm schools in rual areas, we are excited to be a part of learning!

 What does it mean to support education and research? 

We want to equip students and educators with the science, technology, and mycology skills, support and opportunities they need to teach and learn effectively. College students, graduate students, and even professors, are expected to move beyond mere claims and support their assertions. We have helped by providing samples, creating research projects that are getting our samples launched into space through S.S.E.P. 


We feel like we are helping schools deliver the best possible experience for their students through set up lab procedures, sharing of documentation, and access to our wide range of samples

Supporting Education brings together community and technology that support every aspect of a person's journey through school and beyond. We build bright futures through expert support, inspiring staff and cutting-edge technology.