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Liquid Fungi Ships Culture To NASA Deep Space Food Challenge Team NOLUX!

We are excited to be assisting NASA Deep Space Food Challenge top three finalist Team NOLUX by providing large quantities of super dense Blue Oyster Liquid Culture, which will be used for their astromycology experiments and research. Liquid Fungi (liquidfungi.com) has supplied thousands of independent mycology and biology research projects around the world, and we are always trying to help the mushroom community in any way we can. If you are doing something exciting, be sure to tell us about it! NASA Deep Space Food Challenge Team NOLUX is focused on artificially growing plants and mushrooms without the use of light. This would be done by chemically simulating photosynthesis to eliminate the need for light. This would be extremely useful the further we travel from our own solar system. #deepspaceexploration #foodchallenge #mycology #biology #nolux #liquidfungi #mushroom #space #myco

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