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Blue Oyster Grain Spawn
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blue oyster mushroom
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Blue Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn (1 pound)

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 Blue Oyster Grain Spawn

Our grain spawn is grown on 100% certified organic rye berries. It arrives contaminate free, fully developed, and ready to use. Grain spawn is used to inoculate many bags of bulk substrate quickly, and is the choice methodology for medium and large scale growers. Simply break up the grain spawn well, then transfer some grains to each bag you want to inoculate.

Blue Oyster Mushroom

The blue oyster mushroom is one of the most common of the oyster mushrooms used in cuisine world wide. Young specimens will be blueish color on their caps, then changing color to grey tones upon maturing. Not only is the blue oyster mushroom delicious, but it's one of the easier varieties of oyster mushrooms to grow. This mushrooms grows on a wide range of substrates including straw (wheat,rye,oat,rice, and barley straw), corn, coffee grounds, banana waste, most hardwoods and hardwood by-products like sawdust and paper, compost and much more. This mushroom truly thrives throughout temperate regions of the world. Blue oyster mushrooms prefer colder temperatures, in comparison to other oyster mushrooms. This mushroom loves low temperature drops and even does best when morning lows are around the 40’s and 50’s. Blue Oyster mushrooms are naturally high in lovastatin, a drug approved by the FDA for lowering "bad" cholesterol and raising "good" cholesterol. Higher concentrations of lovastatin are in the caps then the stems, more concentrated on the mature gills, and especially in the spores.

Environment Information

Incubation Temp: 70-75° F
Incubation Humidity: 80%-85%
Incubation Time: 12 Days
Fruiting Temp: 50-65° F
Fruiting Humidity: 90%-93%
Fruiting Time: 10 Days