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Liquid Fungi  |  SKU: 310003800300

Black Morel Liquid Culture Syringe

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Black Morel Murshroom Identification

Classification: Morchella

Other Names: N/A

Black Morel Murshroom Substrates

Black Morel Murshroom Environmental Information

Incubation Temperature:

Incubation Time:

Fruiting Temperature:

Fruiting Humidity:

Pinning Time:

Total Fruiting Time:

Our live Black Morel Murshroom Liquid Culture Syringe contains an isolated biological sample nurtured, tested, and expanded here at Liquid Fungi. Each Black Morel Murshroom Culture is guaranteed 100% contaminate free, or we will replace it at no cost to you. Every mushroom culture syringe contains a proven high-output isolated sub-strain for maximum Black Morel Murshroom yield and minimum incubation time. Every purchase includes a sterile individually packaged hypodermic needle for injecting substrate. Mushroom culture syringes are used by laboratories to easily transfer isolated biological samples between locations and substrates without risk of contamination. Mushroom syringes should never be used to inject humans or animals for any reason.

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Fresh Black Morels
Liquid Fungi

Black Morel Liquid Culture Syringe

$15.00 $20.00

Morchella elata is a species of fungus in the family Morchellaceae. It is one of many related species commonly known as black morels, and until 2012 the name Morchella elata was broadly applied to black morels throughout the globe. Like most members of the genus, Morchella elata is a popular edible fungus and is sought by many mushroom hunters. The fruit bodies of Morchella species, including Morchella elata, are highly polymorphic in appearance, exhibiting variations in shape, color and size; this has contributed to uncertainties regarding taxonomy. Discriminating between the various species is complicated by uncertainty regarding which species are truly biologically distinct. Mushroom hunters refer to them by their color as the species are very similar in appearance and vary considerably within species and age of individual.

Our live liquid mushroom cultures are lab procured from the finest commercial samples in the world. Each culture is tested and guaranteed 100% contaminate free, or we will replace it. Each syringe contains a proven high-output isolated sub-strain for maximum yield and minimum incubation time. 

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