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Liquid Fungi  |  SKU: 310003800607

Enokitake Mushroom Grain Spawn (1 pound)

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Enokitake Mushroom Identification

Classification: Flammulina velutipes

Other Names: Enoki

Enokitake Mushroom Substrates

Sterilized Hardwood Substrate

Hardwood Logs, Supplemented Sawdust Blocks, Pasteurized Straw, Other Cellulose Products

Petri: Malt Extract Agar, Dextrose Agar

Spawn: Rye Berries, Millet, Oats, Corn

Enokitake Mushroom Environmental Information

Cold Temperature

Incubation Temperature: 70F-80F

Incubation Time: 12-14 Days

Fruiting Temperature: 55F-65F

Fruiting Humidity: 85%-93%

Pinning Time: 4-10 Days

Total Fruiting Time: 14-18 Days


This species presents unique challenges that make it difficult to cultivate.

Needs Cold

This species requires colder temperatures to fruit.

High CO2 Fruiting

This species fruits best in a high CO2 environment. Lower levels of carbon dioxide may effect both the color and shape of the resulting fruiting bodies.

Due to its popularity, the Enoki mushroom is also farmed and commercialized. The farmed and commercial form is represented by a long, thin white mushroom. The cultivated form is a popular ingredient for soups, especially in the East Asian cuisine, but can be used for salads and other dishes. The mushroom has a crisp texture and can be refrigerated for approximately one week. The farmed form is also known as golden needle mushroom, futu mushroom or lily mushroom. The wild forms differ in color, texture, and sliminess and may be called futu, seafood mushrooms, winter mushrooms or winter fungus, velvet foot, velvet stem or velvet shank.

Our Enokitake Mushroom Grain Spawn is grown on 100% certified organic rye berries. It arrives contaminate free, fully developed, and ready to use. Enokitake Mushroom Grain Spawn is used to inoculate many bags of bulk substrate quickly. Transferring grain into bulk substrate bags is the choice methodology for medium and large scale growers. Enokitake Mushroom Grain transfers are usually performed in a flow-hood or bio-cabinet. Simply break up the Enokitake Mushroom Grain Spawn, then transfer grains to each bag you want to inoculate.

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Flammulina velutipes
Liquid Fungi

Enokitake Mushroom Grain Spawn (1 pound)

$15.00 $20.00
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