phoenix oyster grain spawn
italian oyster grain spawn
Italian/Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn (1 pound)
indian oyster mushroom
italian oyster mushroom
phoenix oyster mushroom
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Italian/Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn (1 pound)

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 Phoenix Oyster Spawn

Our grain spawn is grown on 100% certified organic rye berries. It arrives contaminate free, fully developed, and ready to use. Grain spawn is used to inoculate many bags of bulk substrate quickly, and is the choice methodology for medium and large scale growers. Simply break up the grain spawn well, then transfer some grains to each bag you want to inoculate.


Phoenix/Italian Oyster Mushroom

Italian or Phoenix Oyster is the most cultivated Pleurotus mushroom species in Europe and North America. The most popular varieties for cultivation are the warm weather varieties. Widespread in temperate and subtropical forests throughout the world. In the eastern United States, this species is generally found on hardwoods while in the west it is commonly found on conifers. One of the most versatile species to grow, and will do well on many substrates including straw, wood chips, sawdust, cardboard, coffee grounds, and any other cellulose-based substrate.

Environment Information

Names: Italian Oyster, Indian Oyster, Phoenix Oyster, Lung Oyster
Substrates: Supplemented Sawdust, Straw
Incubation Temp: 75-90° F
Incubation Humidity: 80%-85%
Incubation Time: 14 Days
Fruiting Temp: 65-75° F
Fruiting Humidity: 90%-93%
Fruiting Time: 13 Days

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