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Mapping the Mushroom Mountains

Stephanie Goldberg-Ayala |


The allure of the Ozark Mountains. The rugged terrain, the dense forests, the hidden caves - all call out to nature enthusiast, beckoning them explore. As they venture deeper into the wilderness, they discover a sense of peace and tranquility that has never been experienced before. Meet Gary Davis, the founder of Lost in the Ozarks, a man whose passion for the wilderness knows no bounds. From the mind of Gary Davis, Author of Hiking The Ozarks: Exploring Hidden Treasures, Managing Partner Lost in the Ozarks LLC: 

"I believe the main focus is that I wanted to try and see if I could successfully raise mushrooms starting with no equipment and a small budget. I wanted to see if it was possible to successfully grow mushrooms without a lab, flow hood, etc. Through many hours of research, experimentation, and some luck, I was able to go from growing oysters and Shiitake outdoors on straw and logs to bag grows in a homemade humidity tent. My training in sterile technique from 35 years working the hospital clearly helped, but anyone can learn the techniques. That was my main goal: to show that anyone can learn to grow mushrooms at home for food and to get the health benefits from eating them."

Lifestyle and longevity

Gary Davis is not your average outdoorsman. While he is known for his expertise in hiking and foraging in some of the most treacherous mountain ranges in the United States, his talents extend far beyond the realm of nature exploration. Davis is also a highly skilled photographer, capturing the beauty of the natural world and human movement with precision and artistry.

Where in the Ozarks?

Gary, your hiking companion provides GPX files for some of the most popular hiking spots. Gary's GPX files are designed to enhance your outdoor experience by offering detailed directions and waypoints along the way. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a beginner, Gary's GPX files can help you navigate the trails with ease.


Unwilling to simply stick to traditional photography methods, Gary Davis has embraced the latest technology to enhance his craft. From capturing stunning aerial shots with a drone to experimenting with time-lapse photography, Davis is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a camera.

Whether it's the dark of night or the light of day, Gary Davis continues to explore the wonders of the Ozark Mountains, driven by a deep love for nature and a desire to make a positive impact on the world around him. When he's not out trekking through the woods, Gary is busy growing and selling mushrooms that he cultures from Liquid Fungi. His dedication to the world of mycology is truly inspiring.

Sharing Knowledge & Community Involvement

Have you ever met someone who is truly passionate about mushrooms? Gary is one of those individuals. He is not just a mushroom enthusiast, but also one of Gary's many talents is his ability to share his knowledge with others. He regularly makes blog posts to help people navigate the woods nationwide. Whether it's tips on foraging for mushrooms or identifying different species, Gary's blog posts are a valuable resource for mushroom enthusiasts of all levels. Gary's commitment to building a supportive community of mushroom lovers is commendable.


Overall, Gary is a true asset to the mycology community. His passion for mushrooms, dedication to sharing knowledge, and commitment to helping others make him a valuable resource for anyone interested in the world of fungi. We are grateful to have Gary as part of our affiliate network, and we look forward to seeing all the amazing things he will continue to accomplish in the future.



Hiking The Ozarks: Exploring Hidden Treasures, Written by Gary Davis

Part II coming soon

Lost in The Ozarks  website has lots to offer in way of information.

Facebook is kept up to date.

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