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Mushroom Growing Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of growing mushrooms, a rewarding pastime with results you can eat! Growing mushrooms can be simple and fun, but there are some important facts to know before doing it. The first important fact is that the internet is riddled with conflicting information, which is hard to navigate, and can easily lead you in the wrong direction. It is our goal to provide a clear basic understanding of how to grow mushrooms, the challenges you will encounter while doing it, and solutions to overcome these challenges. Armed with the right knowledge and tools, you can be growing your own mushrooms in no time.

    • Simple Product Guides
    • Not All Mushrooms Are The Same
      • Species Types and Legality
      • Substrate Types
      • Fruiting Requirements
      • Chemistry Requirements 
    • Understanding Clean Practices
      • Containment
      • Tools You Will Use
      • How To Sterilize Tools
      • Making Clean Transfers
    • Preparing Mushroom Substrates
      • Understanding Hydration
      • Rye Grain
      • Wood Plugs
      • Hardwood Blocks
      • Petri Dishes
      • Sterilization Methods
    • Expanding Mushroom Mycelium
      • The Reason Why
      • Petri Dishes
      • Liquid Culture
      • Grain  Spawn
    • Growing Mushrooms Different Ways
      • In Hardwood Blocks Using Grain Spawn
      • In Hardwood Blocks Using Liquid Culture
      • On Logs Using Plug Spawn
      • On Logs Using Grain Spawn
      • In Buckets Using Grain Spawn
      • In Poly Tubes Using Grain Spawn
    • Specific Lab Inoculation Procedures
      • Petri to Petri (P2P)
      • Petri to Liquid (P2L)
      • Liquid to Grain (L2G)
      • Grain To Grain (G2G)