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Mushroom News

Food Scientists Discover 4 Hidden Benefits of Mushrooms for Your Health 

Mushrooms are often considered only for their culinary use because they are packed with flavor-enhancers and have gourmet appeal. That is probably why they are the second most popular pizza topping, next to pepperoni... Read More >>>


It's Morel Mushroom Pickin' Time

The Payette National Forest is announcing guidelines for wild mushroom picking this year in the forest. Following last summer’s wildfires, morel (more-ELL) mushrooms are anticipated to appear in burned areas of the forests, said a press release... Read More >>>


Mushrooms: “Nature’s Greatest Decomposers”

At the Española Healing Foods Oasis in Española, New Mexico, Pueblo dryland farming techniques are on display in a downtown public park. The garden, designed and planted by the Indigenous-led organization Tewa Women United, demonstrates how food and medicine can be grown in an environment that receives just 11 inches of rain per year... Read More >>>