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Mushroom Species Special Considerations

Chicken of the Woods- This mushroom needs a tree stump at least 20 inches in diameter

Blue Oyster- Is only blue in the pinning phase which can be elongated with clean air exchange and UV Lighting.

Morel- requires a symbiotic relationship with it's outdoor environment. Trying to force them to grow indoors may work if you live in a fairy tree house or know something we don't.  (it can be done, it's just not for the faint of heart)

Cordyceps Militaris-This mushroom is very delicate. It is usually grown in jars because they cannot even handle breezes. They require protein and calcium in their substrate to substitute for the lack of natural decomposition.

Portobello- is a compost loving mushroom. To get the mycelium to grow beyond the culture phase into spawn or fruit it must have compost in the substrate. 

Wood BlewIt- is a leaf litter mushroom. Whatever mix of substrate you choose to use, add leaves. 

Italian Phoenix Oyster- The prolific mushroom for ANYONE. This mushroom is temperature tolerant, easy to maintain, and fruits impressive picturesque mushrooms.

Lions Mane- is a very popular mushroom that takes some patience to grow. The taste and textures make it worth the wait. It's heavily sought after by foodies as a seafood replacement in cooking, and there are many medicinal claims made.

Nebrodensis- is a limestone mushroom that is considered critically endangered. it is only found in a 39 square mile area in the wild, it is estimated that less than 250 reach maturity in nature yearly now. To fruit it requires a lime supplement.