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Every Grow is Different Because Everyone's Surroundings are Different.

Before you decide what you're going to do, see what's easily available to you or what other's in your area have done.

Bucket-This friendly method can be done by almost anyone, almost anywhere. It will likely require the least amount of prep/ set up for novice growers and generally produces an immense amount of of fruit 

Autoclavable bag- Commonly used in various sizes for substrates and grains, in laboratories and by hobbyist across the world. They have a micron filter and allow sterilization of it's contents. 

Bag- there are some hobbyist that have become creative in their grow container game. Applause to them for their engineering. We want to remind everyone that  your mushroom wont take over and start growing, it wont fight other contaminants for the space. If it does start to grow, it will not have the opportunity to thrive. Which is why we sterilize/ pasteurize. So we urge everyone to go with a more sanitary option when there is one. It can only help your process.   


Mason jar  This is your most versatile vessel in all of mycology. Mason jars come in any shape or size you can dream of. You can use them for liquid culture, grain spawn, mushroom media, and on a hot day a cold glass of sweet tea! They have regular and wide mouth, they can be boiled or autoclaved, and you can see what's happening in the jar.

  1. liquid lid- This lid is designed to go onto a jar hosting liquid because they feature a hydrophobic PTFE filter which can be held upside down and not leak. If you would like lids for grain spawn, which need more fresh air exchange
  2. grain lid- This lid is designed to go onto a jar hosting grain spawn or mushroom media. The lid uses the high quality 0.45 PTFE filter sticker to "breathe" the proper amount while controlling moisture, but is not intended to hold back copious amounts of liquids.

Mono Tub- Similar in a way to the bucket method. This method houses the mushroom media until it grows inside of the mono tub vs out of the side of the bucket. It's more commonly used by someone wanting larger flushes without space.

Petri dish- This is where our relationship begins with each of our fungi. Petri dishes come in a few sizes. Plastic and glass, small side fits into larger side. There will be an agar mixture poured into the dish. This is where the fungi sample will now move to grow. [fun fact: our liquid culture is all made directly from petri dish to ensure the quality and viability of your samples.]


Syringe- In this case we have 10mL luer lock disposable syringes. The syringe holds mycelium which is root-like structure of fungus consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae. You do not simply inject this in the ground and watch things grow.

Tupper ware- There are no rules here my friends. This is a no judgment zone. I go back to the top of this page where we remind everyone to check what's available to you. Some of the top labs use "disposable containers." The importance that needs to be urged is being thorough and practicing sanitation procedures.