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Who Are We?

Liquid Fungi started in 2018 from a father-son in-home mushroom hobby. Julian was still in high school. The duo worked from culture to spawn in their living room until a local strip mall became vacant and they expanded into larger building where they got propane burners and huge pressure cookers! Until one day it was a fully functioning lab with 55 gallon para boilers, grain tables, multiple flow hoods, industrial sinks, an incubation room, atmospheric steam sterilizers, a bio cabinet, and even a fruiting room.

Julian- 23 in 2023

Our Lead Mycologist and lab technician Julian has a vibrancy and steadiness that can calm a room. He could talk to you about coding, while on his unicycle, recording with his go-pro. As hectic as that sounds, he is very thoughtful and balance takes a lot of grace. Julian has always pushed himself to do his best and be the most successful he can in the areas he excels. He even won second place in a development project at only 15! From such a young age he has had a great disposition and support system driving him to be a smart, successful businessman who is capable and able to show others what he knows while also knowing he still has so much to learn. Science and technology are his passions, family is what makes him really smile!

Matt- Disdain 

This is not your regular cooperate Co-Founder. Matt is a father of four, a caffeine consumer, and a kind person. There isn't a someone who has been more trained to support and build a team. He has created a work environment that the staff enjoys coming in to. Matt has lived a life of a tinker-er. There isn't much he doesn't have an eye for, but he really fancies programming, mycology, and cars. From following his heart to following his stomach this has led Matt to build a technology forward business around something in nature that he loves to eat and grow since he was 16!

Alex - Mr. Get it Done Right

Alex had already been a mycology enthusiast and has a deep passion for knowledge which drove him towards his PhD. Alex wants to eventually be able to do more research on Alzheimer's for now while he works towards his bigger goals he's achieving smaller ones. Alex is leading a lab study on PCR testing various strains of our fungi with Keizer University helping him achieve great knowledge and experience with lab work and taking Liquid Fungi to the next level. He is a great teammate and a valued friend.


Melissa- Sunshine

If you need a pick-me-up Melissa is there to brighten your day! She is our longest standing employee! Through the ups and downs Melissa had been there to grow with us and learn. She is vivacious and willing... Plus, even if she didn't want to, we told you this a FAMILY business, right? Melissa fills in wherever she is needed and is at the forefront of almost every new groundbreaking venture we have taken!



Stephanie is our chaos-coordinator. We didn't know there was any chaos until she got here. Maybe she created it, maybe she just brings life to the lab, but either way the organization, vibrance, and creativity she brings to the lab makes Stephanie stand out above all others. Stephanie is a mother, wife, and animal enthusiast. 


Today our lab is a beautifully operational business that we work synergistically to run. Every member of our team is integral to our success and we can only thank all of our customers who have supported us through the years as we have navigated the business side of mycology.