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Do you ship Internationally?

We currently only ship to the United States and Canada. Since the pandemic, biosecurity laws have become more strict preventing biological culture shipments across international borders. 


Do you ship discreet?

All orders are shipped "discreet" within indistinguishable packaging. There is no way to tell what is on the inside from the outside.


Are your products guaranteed?

Our business is focused on customer satisfaction and service. We offer a no questions asked full replacement or refund guarantee on all products we sell. If you have any problem with our products, we will replace them at no cost to you (including shipping), or we will refund your full purchase price - your choice. For cultures and spore syringes, we guarantee 100% viability, and they are 100% contamination free. 



Tell me more about shipping, how long till I get my order?

All orders placed before 11:59PM EST are packaged and shipped the next morning. Within the US, you can expect your purchased products to arrive within 3-5 days. International orders usually take 5-12 days to arrive depending on the country and customs process. Due to state specific laws, we cannot ship spores to California, Idaho, or Georgia. However, we can still ship liquid culture and other products there.


It is summer, will my culture die in transit due to heat?

When placing an order, you will have the option to include a heat or cold pack for a small cost.  All heat/cold packs are packaged in food grade thermal foil envelopes.

 Refrigerated Thermal Food Packaging


What is the difference between liquid culture and spores?

I will start off by saying, other mycologists will be upset at me for explaining it this way. But, this is the easiest way for others to understand. Spores are like seeds and liquid culture is like sprouts/cuttings. Spores are dormant, waiting for the right environment to "wake up". Liquid culture is a living colony of mycelium, which is already hatched, and beyond the spore phase. 


Are your syringes made in a sterile environment?

All our cultures and spores are prepared under strict lab conditions in a sterile environment (under a negative pressure laminar flow hood). 



Are your cultures tested for contamination?

All cultures and spores are tested under microscope on intake and throughout their lifespan. Mother cultures are maintained in petri dishes or slant at 39 degrees F. Mother cultures are rotated out every 3 months for fresh aggressive culture.

Nikon Microscope for Culture Testing


Are the same amount of spores in every syringe?

Yes. All spore suspensions are diluted to the same ratio using a hemocytometer. This tool allows us to count and calculate the number of spores in a specific volume of liquid. This provides predictable results and a consistent product.

 Hemocytometer and pipette for spore dilution quality assurance


What is an isolated sub-strain, and how does that effect things?

Liquid cultures are live mycelium suspended in a nutrient-rich broth. High-quality liquid cultures are prepared from an isolated sub-strain. This is because when multiple individuals (even from the same strain) are present on the same substrate they become competitive. The problem with this is that competing mycelium will not overgrow one another, but rather, marginalize and section itself off. This can give you varying results and effect yield in your flushes later on. If you want consistency, you must isolate a small colony with the traits you desire to prevent competition. Once isolated, a colony can take over an entire substrate unchallenged, and utilize every aspect of it. An isolated sub-strain will give you higher yields and more predictable results. All liquid culture sold at liquidfungi.com come from high-yielding isolated sub-strains, which we ourselves have isolated. Isolation is typically done in a petri dish on agar.

Fungi Sub-Strain Isolation Petri Dishes